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Here I am!

Adrian Turrell-Watts
It’s me!

I’m Adrian Turrell-Watts. I love to cook and talk about food. I work in the arts. I’m married to my brilliant husband Chris. I love my family and friends and our home. We’ve got a cat called George too.

I haven’t done a blog before… Well, apart from a tumblr , which is just mostly re-blogging stuff and (oh yes!) a blogger blog thing where I think I remember waffling on about smells (what was that blog called? I must try and find it!).

This brand spanking new blog is serious! Not deadly serious though, I can’t actually manage that. No. It’s the beginning of something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

I love food. I’m not obsessed with it though. I don’t sit surrounded by empty plates scoffing and scoffing like Mr Creosote (although I can easily sit a finish a whole bag of my guilty pleasure – cheeseballs). But I do think about what we’ll be eating at the next meal a lot.

I was wondering if I’ve always loved food. I probably have. My mum would tell you that I always ate all my dinner. I had my favourite things and as soon as I was allowed I liked to be the one to make them. My tastes have changed like everyone’s have and I keep on learning all the time. There is now virtually nothing I don’t like and the one complete dislike is liquorice . That’s it. It used to be liquorice, anything aniseedy and beetroot but now I adore beetroot, love so many aniseedy things (tarragon, fennel, pernod…) but however hard I try to aquire the taste (and I don’t try that hard) I can’t stand the stuff. But good on everyone who loves it. My dad for one.

Anyway. Have a look at my posts. As they grow in number I’m going to muse on tastes and fashions in food, talk about my history with different ingredients and meals and share a mixture of my own recipes and my favourites of other people’s. I’ll never try to dictate the best way to do something as if there’s one definitive way  but I’ll chat away about how I get on with doing things.

I’ll probably also go off on tangents about all sorts of different things but that’s just the way I am and it might get entertaining… right?

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