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I love to cook. Most of the time. I’m NOT a gourmet, and not really a foodie. I like a browse round a farmers market but, other than great, fresh, un-messed-about-with, meat, fish, fruit and veg, I mostly look at the rest and imagine it languishing in the back of the cupboard so don’t buy it. In fact there’s a food festival near where we live and I finally went to it last year. I didn’t want to buy any of it and we stupidly had dinner planned so didn’t want to go around eating street food all afternoon and most of the other people were drunk in the beer tents.

But, yes, I mostly love to cook. For friends and family and house-guests only mind you. If anyone ever suggests I might open a restaurant or a cafe I go cold at the thought. I like to make a full meal for people. I like to make what I like to make as well as cater for peoples tastes. But the thought of someone ordering something I’m not in the mood to make or, good grief, send something back because they don’t like it… I’ll just stop there.

So… Here we are. I’d like to start by showing you where I do it all, most of the time…

The cooker in the Turrell-Watts kitchen
This is where it all happens… Well, the hot stuff anyway.

I love our kitchen. I love my spices and herbs and condiments. The all electric cooker is actually not my favourite bit but it gets us by. I’ve accumulated loads of utensils. They all have their uses and have become part of the way I cook. My food processor is one of my favourite kitchen items but is actually quite new and had to be bought in a nut butter making emergency when the motor burned out of the old one. We hardly ever use the microwave. Actually, yes, Chris does. He makes his porridge in it and I soften butter for cakes. That’s about it.

Work surface
Work surface, only slightly cluttered (about to make dinner).

The usual kitchen equipment. Nothing snazzy to get left unused. Actually we just got rid of the coffee filter machine because we hadn’t used it in over a year (we use the cafetiere or the moka). The kettle is almost brand new. We haven;t had much luck with kettles lately and this one had a filter, which we’ll probably never replace because they’re so expensive. I like fresh coffee ground from beans when I have coffee at all so the grinder is great. You can just see the bottom of the cook book shelves. I LOVE cookbooks… But more about those later.

The fridge freezer
The all important fridge freezer and vital DAB radio!

And here’s our trusty fridge freezer covered in my souvenir fridge magnets. When we’re  on our travels I search out the gift-shop at every tourist attraction and am quite  disappointed if  there aren’t any good fridge magnets.

We all need a fridge I suppose and ours is either chock-full to the brim with an    accidental over-shop or running on empty. One things there’s never a shortage of  though is a shelf full  of condiment jars. Far too many. And I try my hardest not to keep  buying stuff we won’t use  (see my farmers’ market comment above). The freezer though  is a necessity. I love good stock-up of meat and fish, a good batch cook and we can’t do  without frozen peas, pastry and  ice cream… And a big bag of ice.

Next to the fridge is one of the most important items of kitchen equipment… The DAB  radio. Sunday lunch, Saturday dinner, good old slow batch cook, weekday suppers  and the washing up are hardly possible with out Radio 6 Music or, Chris’ favourite,  Radio 4 Extra.

And the thing we haven’t got…

Washing Up
It happens but once a day in our house…

A dishwasher! But we’ve got a knife strip and lots of chopping boards!


I'm Adrian Turrell-Watts. I love to cook and talk about food. I work in the arts. I'm married to my brilliant husband Chris. I love my family and friends and our home. We've got a cat called George too.

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